Salve 2011 · Publikationen

Kolumba – Sonderheft der tschechischen Fachzeitschrift »Salve« (Revue für Theologie, geistliches Leben und Kultur), 208 Seiten, 60 Abb., 145 x 190 mm, Prag 2011, ISSN 1213-6301, broschiert (€ 10,00)

Inhalt: Today’s Church as a Vehicle of Culture. Interview with Joachim Kardinal Meisner | Kolumba – The Museum as a Laboratory of Aesthetics. Interview with Stefan Kraus | Friedhelm Mennekes, The Room of My Breathing: The East Tower of Kolumba | Selected Works at Kolumba  | If everything I planned had been realized, I would not be so happy now. Interview with Peter Zumthor | Peter Zumthor, The New Building of the Museum for the Archdiocese. Thoughts on the Design | Stefan Kraus, The Aesthetic Moment – An Attempt on Speechlesness | Tomás Halík, The Moment of Faith | Kolumba – A Timeline